Be An Everyday Hero!

Be part of the highly trained and motivated Weston Volunteer Fire Department. Since 1931, the WVFD has been dedicated to the safety and security of the Weston community. It is an all-volunteer, unpaid department made up of men and women from all walks of life. The department is always looking for new members who commit themselves to the requirements & responsibilities of membership. It is a great way to give back to this wonderful community.

You will be given all the necessary training and supervision to respond to all types of emergencies: structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, Carbon Monoxide (CO) calls, water rescues, brush fires, downed power lines, and much, much more. It is a time-consuming role, but one that will be extremely rewarding.

What's Required?

  • No previous experience or qualification required
  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • A Weston resident
  • Physically able to perform the duties and responsibilities of a WVFD firefighter
  • Have the time required to train, respond to calls, and attend department drills/meetings/events



Pre-appointment and Annual Examinations

Prior to becoming a member of the Department, and annually thereafter, all persons shall be medically evaluated by a qualified physician. All medical evaluations shall take into consideration the risks and functionality associated with the duties and responsibilities of firefighters.

Probationary Firefighter

All new members start off as probationary firefighters.

State Training: All new members must enroll in a Connecticut State Firefighter 1 course within 6 months of joining and must complete the course within 18 months. The Firefighter 1 course requires approximately 160 hours of training/education over a 2-3 month period which includes HazMat Operations. Upon completion of the course and passing the State Certification Test (practical/written), the firefighter will be issued a Firefighter 1 Certification by the State.

Weston Fire Department Training: All new members must be signed off on several department subjects by the Training Officer within 18 months of joining the Department to include but not limited to: Standard Operating Procedures, Incident Command System, Apparatus Operations, SCBA and others.

Monthly Drills: Probationary Drills are held on the first Thursday of each month.

Gaining Active Status: Before being recommended for elevation to Active status, each Probationary member must also pass a written examination, approved by the Chief and administered under the direction of the Training Officer.


Active Membership

To be an active member in good standing, a member must attend 7 monthly meetings, 7 monthly drills, and 7 weekly drills during the calendar year. There are also a number of makeup drills scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, a member must respond to a minimum of 15 calls during the same year.

Members are expected to respond safely to calls, and to conduct their activities while on WVFD business in a professional manner; and, in accordance with acceptable firefighting or rescue protocols and standards.

Members should be physically and mentally prepared to function at the scene.


Additional Training Courses

Beyond the State Firefighter I Certification Course, the Department & the State offer additional courses to upgrade your skills and competencies. Examples:

  • Firefighter II
  • Instructor
  • Pump Operations
  • Driver Training

Members under the age of 18

Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent's signed consent form on file with the Chief.

For safety purposes, and in compliance with OSHA standards, members who are under the age of 18 are prohibited from performing certain tasks.

Persons under the age of 18 may not:

  • Operate from ground ladders or aerial devices
  • Operate any Department vehicles (must be at least 21)
  • Operate any electric, fuel, pneumatic (air Pressure) or hydraulic powered tools or equipment
  • Operate as part of any fire suppression team, except for brush fires where SCBA is not required
  • Operate at any Haz-Mat incident, except in the Cold Zone
  • Use SCBA
  • Be permitted on the roof of any structure or at a height more than 6 feet above the ground where there is risk of falling
  • Enter the interior of any structure where smoke or flames are visible, or where fire has been confirmed
  • Perform overhaul operations where the use of SCBA is required
  • Refill any SCBA air tanks
  • Operate a vehicle using a Blue Light
  • Participate in any "off shore" water or ice related activity
  • Respond to any calls between the hours of midnight and 6 A.M.


Previous Experience with Another Department

All new members who have joined with experience from another department will be interviewed by the Training Officer. Notwithstanding any prior firefighting experience, the probationary period may not be reduced below 6 months.

Take the First Step

To take the first step to become a member of the WVFD please contact our office at 203-222-2647. Our Office Manager will set up an appointment with our Membership Committee.