WVFD Members


The WVFD is not a town agency or department, but a private (501c3), non-profit membership corporation. It is an all-volunteer, unpaid fire department made up of both women and men who go through extensive and ongoing state-certified training. This gives each member the confidence and capability to perform at a very high level.

Established in 1931 by a few town residents, the WVFD has and always will be ready 24/7 to respond to the over 500 calls we receive each year- from structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills, downed power lines, water rescues and countless other emergencies.

The Chiefs

Since 1931, the WVFD has been led by only 4 chiefs. Each chief has risen through the ranks and demonstrated the necessary technical and management skills to lead the women and men of the department.

Chief John Pokorny1996 - present

Chief Fred Moore1970 - 1996

Chief John (Jack) O'Brien1945 - 1970

Chief Roland Gifford1931 - 1945

Fire Training


The 75 members of the WVFD comes from all walks of life. They are electricians, lawyers, carpenters, educators, students, and small business owners. They have one thing in common, they are neighbors dedicated to the safety and security of the Weston community. Many members have been with the WVFD for ten to twenty years, and more; some rising through the ranks from firefighter to line officer.

Keeping skills sharp requires hours of dedicated training. The entire firefighting force must go through a rigorous state certification process which requires both written and practical testing. All new members must be certified by the State of Connecticut at the minimum level of Firefighter I. This certification alone required 160 hours and includes Hazardous Material Operations (Haz-Mat). Most members are certified at the Firefighter II level which includes an additional 95 hours of training.

To remain active and in good standing, each firefighter must attend a set number of weekly and monthly training sessions. Additionally, each firefighter must respond to a minimum of calls, as well as attending monthly membership meetings. It is a significant commitment in time and effort, but it is critically important to constantly train and update a firefighter's skills to ensure they are second to none.

In fact, responding to fire calls is only a small part of the job of the WVFD. Weston is part of multi-town mutual aid agreement where the Department responds to requests from neighboring communities such as Wilton, Easton, Georgetown, and Westport. These communities reciprocate when Weston is in need of additional help. In addition to the ongoing training exercises, members spend countless hours testing and maintaining pumps, air packs, and other equipment to ensure a constant state of readiness.

Old Mack

Community Activities

The WVFD is also actively involved in many community activities with the marquee event being the sponsorship of the Weston Memorial Day Parade. This is an opportunity to showcase to the community the members and apparatus of the Department, with the 1934 Old Mack being its pride and joy. The Old Mack was the town's 1st fire engine and purchased with personal funds totaling $5,800. Though no longer used for firefighting, it is fully restored and driven in the Memorial Day Parade and other events; occasionally used in interdepartmental competitions and musters.

Station 1

Fire Stations & Apparatus

The WVFD operates out of two fire stations. Station One is located at the Norfield Headquarters (56 Norfield Road) with the primary responsibility of responding to calls on the west side of Weston; while Station Two, located on Lyons Plain (234 Lyons Plain Road) responds primarily to calls on the east side of Weston. The Department's fire apparatus consists of 2 attack engines, 2 support engines, and 1 tanker. Additionally, the Department has a Rescue vehicle, an ATV to support search & rescue operations, and, an inflatable boat for water rescues.

Memorial Day Parade

Funding for the WVFD

The funding for the WVFD comes from two sources. The Town purchases all fire apparatus and provides limited financial support for basic operational activities. The purchase of other equipment and the costs incurred to run the Department are provided through funds generously contributed by Weston residents. Each year, the Department conducts two fund drives - a Spring and Holiday drive. Donations are 100% tax deductible and provides the vital support to this all-volunteer organization.