Weston EMTs honored by hospital

Thursday, 10 June 2010 14:00

Dr. Michael Carius, chairman of the Emergency Department of Norwalk Hospital, and Dr. David Lorenz, an interventional cardiologist, praised local EMS providers at an event to honor them at Norwalk Hospital during National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in May.

Alan Henschke, director of EMS at Norwalk Hospital, said the Weston EMS received the award for their team response last summer.

“Weston EMS and the Wilton/Weston Paramedic were dispatched to an elderly female in cardiac arrest. The Weston Police Department defibrillated the patient with an AED prior to the ambulance and paramedic’s arrival. Weston EMS continued CPR and the paramedic performed additional defibrillations, intubated the patient and administered medications. The EMS team was able to restore the patient’s pulses,” Dr. Henschke said.

“During transport, the patient continued to experience arrhythmias and received further medications,” he continued. “The patient arrived and the Norwalk Hospital Emergency Department with pulses. Shortly after arrival ... the patient was transferred to the cath lab for emergency angioplasty.

“The actions of the Weston EMS and Wilton/Weston Paramedic team successfully resuscitated the patient ... and allowed her to receive rescue angioplasty,” Dr. Henschke concluded.

The award was presented to honor EMT Joseph Deverman, EMT Beth Low, EMT Karyl McGill, EMT J.T. Sollazzo, and Norwalk Hospital paramedic John Chapdelaine.